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Tutorial for Inventory Lab

Login to your Inventory Lab account.

1. Go to the upper right corner where your name is listed and click on it. Once you have the dropdown menu select My Account

2. Go to the bottom of My Account page and select Add your first under Employees. 

3. I will email you with login details for this.

4. Limit access- check the boxes for List & Inventory.




There are a lot videos on YouTube on how to set up user permission account on your Amazon account. In order to set up your Amazon seller account for us to be able to carry out your Amazon FBA prep, Please follow the 5 steps instruction below and you are all set to receive our prep services for your fulfillment by Amazon business. Please feel free to contact us at if you have a question on how to setup your Amazon seller account and how to get prep services from us.


Seller Central Account Setup Instructions

You would need to set up this user account for us so we can access your seller central account and view your shipping plan, print off labels for products and shipping. Here is the instructions on how to set up your FBA Amazon selling account for Pick&PackPrepping services:

1-Email us your Amazon business name using either the contact form on our website or at

2-Log in to your Amazon seller center account and go the "setting" section on the top right corner. Then select "User Permissions" from the drop down menu.

3-"Enter E-mail Address of the new user", which would be

4-We will then receive an invitation email from your Amazon seller central account. Upon our acceptance and once we become an associated user on your seller central account, please proceed to step 5.

5-Under "Add user permission", "Inventory" section, choose "view & edit" for "Manage FBA Inventory/ Shipments. Also select "view & edit" for manage inventory/add a product. Save the changes at the bottom of the page.


Finally when sending your shipments to us, please make sure you include either your name or your Amazon name (which you just sent the invitation for it) on the shipping label/ document so we can identify your shipment when received and to avoid delays in processing your orders getting charged for $5 per box to identify them for the shipments which do not have the name on them.

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